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Post by NithinSangeeth on Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:47 am

Nation Ruler:NithinSangeeth
Nation Name:Mahabharath
Nation URL Link:

Nation Strength: 1,558.533
Are you on Brown team?: No, I am Green
List any Previous Alliances: No
Who recruited you:2Burnt2eat
Are you involved in any wars?: Yes, in two.
Also planning an attack on Emfraites.

Do you understand you cannot attack nations
without government approval (asking Burnt)?:Yes.
Do you understand breaking this rule
could lead to you getting booted from the AA?:Yes, Requesting permission to attack Emfraites.

I pledge allegiance to the Atlantic Sphere Initiative and will obey the charter first and the orders of the leadership second. IF the government wishes myself to pay back any financial aid, I will do so before resigning and leaving the alliance.

I agree


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NithinSangeeth Membership Empty Re: NithinSangeeth Membership

Post by ZCKing on Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:36 pm

Please change to Brown team, and we are NOT a waring alliance and we would rather not get into any wars, please offer peace to anyone you are at war with, if they do not accept I can get involved but we cannot move on in this process until you are completely at peace with other nations.


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